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Introducing Embroidery Artist Asami Kiyokawa!

This video, titled "Tokyo Crossing #58 'The Art of Embroidery' - Embroidery Artist Asami Kiyokawa" (東京交差点 #58「刺繍アート」-刺繍アーティスト 清川あさみ), shows footage of an interview with embroidery artist Asami Kiyokawa.

Introduced in the video is the exhibit "Bijo Saishu," at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo, by embroidery artist Asami Kiyokawa.
The exhibit was very popular, with tens of thousands of people coming to see it during the 10 days in which it was on display.
As you can see at 0:56 in the video, embroidery artist Asami Kiyokawa fuses paintings and photographs with colorful thread by sewing on them, creating works that depict a delicate world view.

In this article, we'll introduce embroidery artist Asami Kiyokawa alongside the video.

Who is Asami Kiyokawa?

Asami Kiyokawa is an embroidery artist from Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, in Japan's Kansai region.
She is currently married to sculptor Kohei Nawa.
Once having been a charismatic model for the magazine "Zipper," she first held an exhibition as an artist in 2001.
In addition to the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum and the Mito Art Museum, she has held successful solo exhibitions in Shanghai as well.
She also worked on a piece for the Alice in Wonderland exhibition in 2019.
As shown at 2:09 in the video, her talent of delivering messages through her art was recognized in 2020 and she was appointed as the Local Attraction Producer in Minamiawaji.

The Works of Asami Kiyokawa

Asami Kiyokawa's embroidery was used in the opening video and poster design for the NHK drama "Beppin-san."
She has also created many other works, including collaborations for advertisements and commercials, and book cover artwork.
Recently, she released picture books, including "Sennengo no Hyakunin Isshu" and "Night on the Galactic Railroad" and is also active as a picture book author.
The large work in progress, introduced at 2:20 in the video, will be displayed at a famous local hotel.

Asami Kiyokawa's "Bijo Saishu"

Bijo Saishu was a popular exhibit that attracted tens of thousands of people.
The concept of this large scale work is to turn people into animals and works of art. So far, celebrities such as Akiko Wada, Erika Sawajiri, Yuriyan Retriever, Komuai, and Koharu Sugawara have been subjects of the work.

Summary of Embroidery Artist Asami Kiyokawa

Asami Kiyokawa, an active embroidery artist, creates works of art with an eye-catching delicacy that is truly captivating.
The embroidery works introduced in this video show a beautiful world of embroidery, so be sure to take your time admiring them.
In the interview with Asami Kiyokawa that can be seen in the video, she talks about her thoughts on her embroidery works and her two children.

In addition to the YouTube video in this article, you can also watch "inori," a video showing scenes of her creating art.
Be sure to check them out!

【Official Website】Asami Kiyokawa

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The Amazing Works of Asami Kiyokawa. The Master Embroiderer Talks About Her Passion for Embroidery!
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