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Introducing Ruchika Hemmi, the Elementary School Artist, Whose Artwork Has Been Exhibited at the Louvre Museum

This video was created by ‘FNN Prime Online,’ and is titled "Elementary Year 5, Ruchika Hemmi’s artwork at the Louvre Museum" (小学5年生・逸見ルチカさんの作品がルーブル美術館に).
This news video reveals the secrets of Ruchika Hemmi, an elementary school artist whose work, which won a silver medal in a children's painting contest, was displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

In this article, we'll show you what goes into Ruchika Hemmi's paintings, as well as some of her pieces. Be sure to follow along with the video!
Precious footage of Ruchika’s family and home is introduced as well.
We hope that we can give some insight into the mind of the future Picasso through this article.

Who Is Ruchika Hemmi?

Ruchika Hemmi, shown making a peace sign at the Toyota City Museum (豊田市美術館, Toyota-shi Bijutsukan) in Aichi Prefecture (愛知県, Aichi-ken) at 0:09, is actually just a normal, energetic 5th grade elementary school student.
This seemingly average girl is the incredible elementary school artist whose work has been exhibited at the Louvre Museum.

At 0:25, you can see a colorful mural in the underground street of Fushimi Station in Nagoya City (名古屋市, Nagoya-shi), painted by Ruchika. The painting is very reminiscent of the genius Picasso.
Ruchika boasts having hosted a personal exhibition at just 8 years old, and as introduced at 3:20 in the video, she has also opened an exhibition at the Toyota City Museum in Aichi Prefecture. She has already created over-200 works, including imaginary creatures, aliens, robots, etc., and her colorful, original worldview attracts many.
All of her pieces are priceless works of art.

The Secrets of Ruchika Hemmi's Unique Art

From 0:51 in the video, the camera crew visits her home that also functions as her art studio. Her home is a quiet place in the mountains surrounded by nature.

There she lives with her Nepalese father, Japanese mother, elder brother, and a younger brother.
Ruchika says, “I can see antelopes and boars around here. It’s scary but also fun. In the city, you have places to go and there's plenty to do, but you can't relax, and the social aspect seems very tiring,” as she plays in the yard. Maybe, this environment is the secret to Ruchika’s creation?

The Artworks of the Prodigal Painter

The elementary school artist Ruchika, paints directly onto her canvas without any rough sketching.
The artworks are colorful and bold, and most of all, very unique.

Many of the works can be seen on Ruchika’s Instagram.
At 2:06 in the video, we see her painting the mural for the underground street at Fushimi Station in Nagoya City.
Listening to music while freely expressing herself, utilizing sponges and brushes as she paints, it's truly the sight of a prodigy.
As stated before, the boldness and freedom with which Ruchika paints is her unique characteristic, and we can see that in this scene.

Summary of Ruchika Hemmi, the Elementary School Artist

This video, titled ‘Elementary Year 5, Ruchika Hemmi’s artwork at the Louvre Museum,’ gives an inside look at the everyday life of elementary school artist Ruchika Hemmi.

Watch the video to see the youthful innocence and passion of the young prodigy.

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Sep. 15, 2020
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A Future Picasso? The 5th Year Elementary School Student, Whose Work Has Been Exhibited at the Louvre Museum, Home to Famous Pieces like the Mona Lisa, Unveils the Secrets of Her Art.
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