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Japan's Popular "Gozasoro"!

""GOZA-SOROH" Japanese cakes with red bean paste filling. Himeji Station Forus part2" ("GOZA-SOROH" is a cake of Japanese red beans entered 姫路駅フォーラスの御座候 その2) is a video introducing gourmet food and sights popular to not only the Japanese, but to foreign tourists as well. It's produced by kobeoyaji.

Gozasoro is a Japanese confectionery made of wheat flour dough with red beans in between and baked into a round shape.
You can see a demonstration of baking large quantities of gozasoro at Himeji Station Forus in Hyogo Prefecture.
In this video, we are introduced to a chef who prepares a large amount of gozasoro in succession with quick hands.
Please enjoy the outstanding skill and quick hands.

Gozasoro? Imagawa-yaki? Or kaiten yaki?

Image of Gozasoro and tea
Photo:Gozasoro and tea

In Hyogo Prefecture, this Japanese confectionery is called Gozasoro, but it's known by a different name in other parts of Japan.

They're called called Imagawa-yaki in the Kanto region, kaiten yaki in Kansai and Kyushu, oyaki in Hokkaido, and oban yaki in Tohoku and Hokuriku.
It's interesting how the same Japanese sweet can have so many different names.

A Famous Shop That Sells Exquisite Gozasoro in Himeji

Gozasoro is sold in Hyogo Prefecture by a 69-year-old chain store called Gozasoro Inc. that sells gourmet foods such as gyoza and spicy noodles in Himeji City.
The reason this confectionery is called "Goza-soro" in Hyogo is due to the history of the company, which started baking Imagawa-yaki with the phrase "Thank you for purchasing our confectionery." In Japanese the "Thank you for purchasing" portion is pronounced "Gozasoro."

The Azuki Museum, located next to the Gozasoro headquarters factory, is a spot that introduces Japanese food culture and Japanese sweets that have long been loved by Japanese people.
There is also a restaurant in the museum where you can enjoy azuki gourmet.

Popular Japanese Food, How to Make Imagawa-Yaki

At a shop selling Imagawa-yaki, you can watch a demonstration of how the batter is poured onto a griddle and baked with bean paste in between.
In the video, the batter is poured into the iron plate from 0:16, and the process is performed in succession to create the gozasoro.

The quick work of craftsmen making a large amount of Imagawa yaki at once is a wonderful thing that you'll never get tired of watching.
He can make 30 of these puppies at a time!
The delicious bean paste at 0:32 is enough to make most people's mouths water.

It's a simple recipe, but the charm of Imagawa-yaki is that it's so delicious you can't help but overeat.
They're cheap too! You can get one for just 100-200 yen (~$1-2 USD).
In recent years, gourmet foods such as Imagawa-yaki with white bean paste in between and cold Imagawa-yaki ice cream have become very popular.

Gozasoro Introduction Summary

Image of Gozasoro

In Japan, there are various kinds of "flour based foods" such as taiyaki and takoyaki, but don't forget to try the delicious gozasoro introduced in the video.

Gozasoro is available at Shin-Osaka and other stores in addition to the Himeji Station Forus store.
You can easily enjoy Japanese sweets, one of Japan's traditional gourmet dishes, by purchasing Gozasoro at these spots.
Watching how these delicious little cakes are made is sure to increase the flavor.

◆ Gozasoro Himeji Station Store Overview ◆
【Address】125 JR Himeji Station 1F, Minamiekimaecho, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture 670-0962
【Access】Himeji Station
【Hours】From 9:00 to 20:00
【Closures】open daily
【Telephone No】079-288-6077

【Tripadvisor】Gozasoro – Himeji Station

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The Artisans of Gozasoro, a Japanese Confectionery Shop in Himeji, Hyogo That's Been in Business for 69 Years, Show Us Their Amazing Skills in Making Japanese Sweets!
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