Snowmen and Snowy Landscapes in Japan

This video, titled "Beautiful Winter in Japan|Healing Snowy Scenery of Winter & Nature|Snow Viewing Information|Winter in Japan|Snowmen" (Beautiful winter in Japan 冬の自然の癒しの雪景色 雪見便り 日本の冬 雪だるま), was uploaded by "Discover Nippon."
This video will show viewers various different snow views in Japan.

Enjoy watching snow piling up on trees and snowman building!
Please also take a look at the snowy scenery in Japan so you can recognize how wonderful winter in Japan can be.
This video will make you want to visit Japan in the winter.
This article will talk about the video on snow views and a snowmen in Japan.

Features of Japan's Snow Views

As Japan has four seasons, there are many views you can enjoy in each season.
The winter views are one of the very special views that you can enjoy.

As snow starts to fall, the world becomes entirely white.
The towns are very quiet and you can hear the crunch of the snow beneath your feet.
These views and sounds are only available in the winter season.
Please watch the video from the beginning to enjoy the different winter views.

What Is the Winter Tradition, Yukidaruma?

A snowman is called “Yukidaruma” in Japanese.
Kids build Yukidaruma every winter when it snows. The most common way to make a Yukidaruma is to roll two snow balls on the ground to make them bigger.
One is bigger than the other so that the small ball can be on top of the bigger ball.
On the top ball, you can draw eyes, nose and a mouth to make it a face.
Some kids put a bucket on the head to give it a hat.

It is also common to make a snowman in foreign countries where it snows.
In foreign countries, the way of making a snow man is different from the Japanese method.
The three layered snowman is more common in foreign countries, though in Japan, two layered snowmen are more common.
In some countries, they use a carrot for a nose and a silk hat to make a fancy snowman.
Olaf from the Disney movie “Frozen” is more of a foreign-style snowman.

Kids enjoy snowball fights, building snow rabbits, and igloo building.
Take a look at the Japanese-style snowman at 0:39, the three family snowmen at 1:13, and the animal shaped snowman at 1:31.

Perfect Instagram Locations for Japan's Snow Views

Image of Goryokaku
©Goryokaku-Tower Modifying

There are so many popular places in Japan where you can enjoy the snow view.
A snow-clad Mt. Fuji is one of the most popular snow views in Japan.
Though the most beautiful snow view in Japan is in Hokkaido.
Goryokaku, Otaru and the Blue Pond are must-see spots in Hokkaido.
Seeing snow-covered trees and the illumination at night, you'll be fascinated by the dreamy atmosphere.

Other enjoyable spots in Japan include, Zao in Tohoku region, Shirakawagou in Gifu, Ginzan Hot Springs in Yamagata, Tottori sand dunes in Tottori, Kakunodate in Akita, Ouchi-juku in Fukushima, the Tadami line in Fukushima, Yunishigawa Hot Springs in Tochigi, the Icicles of Misotsuchi in Saitama, the Jigokudani Hot Springs and the wild monkey park in Nagano, Amaharashi coast in Toyama, and Kenrokuen in Ishikawa. Each place has it’s own beautiful snow view. You will be fascinated to see the beautiful winter view in each location.

Overview of Snow Views and Snowmen in Japan

The video titled "Beautiful winter in Japan," created by "Discover Nippon" introduces viewers to Japan's winter views.
Please check out the video if you are curious about snow views in Japan!

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Unforgettable Memories: Enjoy the Outstanding Snowy Landscape of Japan. Let’s Build a Snowman!
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