This video, titled "What Are We Eating Today? Introducing All of the Ramen at Sanpomen!" (今日はどれにする? 三豊麺 全ラーメン紹介!!!), was released by "勝たすトロ負ぃ [Katasutorofi]" (勝たすトロ負ぃ【かたすとろふぃ】).

This video introduces the ramen shop "Sanpomen" that is developing mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe.
Sanpomen (三豊麺) is a profound name that is filled with the meaning of "richness of taste (味の豊かさ), richness of mind (心の豊かさ), and richness of body (体の豊かさ)."
Their noodles and soup are made with the utmost care, and both ramen and dipping noodles are made into very tasty dishes.

This video introduces all the menu items available at Sanpomen, so if you are interested in the menu, be sure to check it out.

This Combination of Carefully Selected Soup and Noodles Is Irresistible! What Is the Deeper Meaning Behind the Unique Name of the Restaurant?
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