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Tokyo Okashi Land: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Tokyo Okashi Land] Renewed... Tokyo Station Limited-Edition Goods (January 27, 2023)" (「東京おかしランド」リニューアル…“東京駅限定”特別メニュー集結【あらいーな】(2023年1月27日)), was uploaded by "ANNnewsCH."

Tokyo Okashi Land has expanded its total floor space by 1.4 times in conjunction with its renovation in December 2022. In the video, you can see an introduction of each store inside Tokyo Okashi Land, as well as live kitchens where you can watch sweets being made, and a tasting of freshly made sweets. Be sure to check it out in the video!

Tokyo Okashi Land: Access, Location, and Admission Fees

If you're looking to buy some special souvenirs in Tokyo, then Tokyo Okashi Land, located in First Avenue Tokyo Station in the center of Tokyo is the perfect place! This popular spot features a number of shops belonging to major Japanese sweets makers.

Last year, celebrating its 10th anniversary, the shop reopened on Thursday, December 15, 2022.
In addition to expanding the store's floor space, there are a number of things you can do in the store that make it a hot spot for tourists:
・Sample freshly made sweets from the live kitchens in the store.
・Purchase limited-edition products only available here.
・Get your hands on the newest goods.

Tokyo Okashi Land is the perfect spot for children, as well as lovers of Japanese sweets and those looking to purchase souvenirs in Tokyo.
Inside the facility, you'll find a variety of stores from major Japanese sweets makers, such as Ezaki Glico, Kameda Seika, Calbee, and Morinaga Seika. The event space also features shops selling limited-edition Valentine's Day products from Fujiya and Black Thunder.

One-Of-A-Kind Goods! Check Out These Japanese Sweets You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Of particular note in Tokyo Okashi Land are the limited-edition products you can't purchase anywhere else, and the freshly made products from the live kitchens at each store! Check them out in the video!

●Freshly Made Kaki no Tane and Happy Turn
Two types of products are made in Kameda Seika's live kitchen: Regular Kaki no Tane deep-fried in oil, and soy-sauce-flavored Kaki no Tane covered with skipjack tuna flakes.
The freshly made Happy Turn rice crackers are 300% crispy and covered with extra powder too!
[Video] 1:11 - Kaki no Tane and Happy Turn Made in the Live Kitchen

●Large, Freshly Baked Moonlight Cookies
In Meiji Seika's live kitchen, Moonlight cookies are carefully baked right in front of customers. You can enjoy Moonlight cookies that are 4 times the sizes larger than normal, while a buttery aroma fills the air.
[Video] 2:35 - Moonlight Cookies Being Made in the Live Kitchen

●Giant, Freshly Fried Jagarico
In addition to the salt and skipjack tuna flavor, the potato salad flavor is also popular. The giant, crispy poterico (a potato-chip-style snack) chips are both impressive to look at and satisfying to eat!
[Video] 3:58 - Large Poterico Being Made in the Live Kitchen

Souvenirs and Limited-Time Goods at Tokyo Okashi Land

There are a number of souvenirs available only at Tokyo Station! These include potato chips from Calbee, and Morinaga-Yoogo-flavored Pakkuncho from Morinaga Seika, which recreates the taste of an Okinawan dairy beverage. Be sure to take a look at these limited-edition products when you visit.

A limited-time store will also be open in the event space of Tokyo Okashi Land. In the past, there was the PANDARS SHOP, a DARS chocolate brand store, and the Glico Limited Shop, where visitors could purchase Glico's fresh caramel products, etc.
Stores and contents change from time to time, so we recommend checking Tokyo Okashi Land's Instagram for the latest information and events. There are also some new products available for pre-sale, so be sure to check those out as well.

Tokyo Okashi Land Summary

Tokyo Okashi Land is a popular spot where both children and adults can enjoy a variety of Japanese sweets. After sampling some of the freshly made sweets, don't forget to pick up some souvenirs!
The unique, premium taste and aroma of freshly made sweets from the live kitchen is sure to get your attention.

When you've finish sightseeing in Tokyo, be sure to stop by Tokyo Okashi Land at Tokyo Station and taste the freshly made Japanese sweets!

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Tokyo Okashi Land – Limited Edition Souvenirs in Tokyo Station!
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